Slovenia is guaranteeing temporary protection for persons displaced from Ukraine. 

The following categories of persons residing in Ukraine before 24 February 2022 are eligible for temporary protection:

  • citizens of Ukraine,
  • stateless persons and third-country nationals who are not citizens of Ukraine and who were granted international protection or other equivalent national protection in Ukraine,
  • family members of the persons referred to in the first and second indents of this paragraph,
  • stateless persons and third-country nationals who are not citizens of Ukraine and who resided in Ukraine on the basis of a valid permanent residence permit and who are unable to return to their country or region of origin in a safe and sustainable or lasting manner.


  1. fill in the application form and submit it to the police (orange text translates the needed information)
  2. add relevant evidence for the decision on granting temporary protection

The procedure is free of charge. 

The police will then send the application to the administrative unit, who will issue a card that is also valid as a temporary residence permit in the Republic of Slovenia. 

The temporary protection card is valid for as long as the temporary protection lasts (currently until 9 March 2023).

In addition to the right to temporary residence in the Republic of Slovenia, a person granted temporary protection shall also have the right to:

  • accommodation and meals in accommodation centers or financial assistance for private accommodation,
  • healthcare,
  • work,
  • education,
  • financial assistance or pocket money,
  • family reunification,
  • free legal assistance,
  • information on rights and obligations and assistance in exercising rights arising from Temporary Protection of Displaced Persons Act.

Additional info

Please follow the governmental webpage for more specific information on procedures and rights: Slovenia's assistance to the citizens of Ukraine (INFORMATION IN UKRAINIAN).

From 15th June 2022 temporary protection cards start to be issued. The card is issued free of charge for persons with temporary protection and used to prove the identity. The card is also valid as a temporary residence permit in the Republic of Slovenia and is valid for the duration of the temporary protection, i.e. until 4 March 2023.


International protection (refugee status) is granted to people with well-founded fear of persecution on the following grounds: 

  • race or ethnic affiliation, 
  • religion
  • nationality, 
  • political opinion or belief, 
  • membership of a particular social group in the country of origin. 

You may be granted subsidiary protection if you do not meet the refugee status requirements yet the return to your country of origin could cause you serious harm including: 

  • death penalty or execution, 
  • torture, inhuman or degrading treatment in your country of origin, 
  • serious and individual threat to a civilian's life or person by reason of indiscriminate violence in situations of international or internal armed conflict. 

The process is explained in details in the brochure here

Asylum seekers and refugees have granted rights in Slovenia, which include: 

  • residence in the Republic of Slovenia, 
  • healthcare,
  • social security,
  • work,
  • education,
  • integration support. 

Majority of these rights, including the right to education, are granted under the same conditions to refugees and asylum seekers as they are to Slovene citizens. 



Once you become a student of the University of Primorska you will also be entitled to receive a temporary residence permit for studies. Please read about the procedure here