The situation related to COVID 19 in Slovenia changes frequently, so we recommend that you check the currently valid measures before leaving for Slovenia.

Latest information on changes introduced by the ordinance, entry requirements and updates on the red, dark red, orange, and green lists of countries are available at the government web site Border Crossing



VACCINE/TEST/RECOVERY system is and will be in place in Slovenia for the academic year 2021/2022. The university will implement lectures and exercises live and students will have to prove that: 

- they have been fully vaccinated or
- they have recovered from COVID-19 less than 6 month ago or
- they have been negative on Rapid Antigen Test. 

Frequency of testing is determined by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, depending on the epidemiological situation and is also published on the university website

Students and staff can fulfill the testing requirement with a self-test. 



Students perform their tests at the university premises in equal intervals, depending on the defined frequecy. 

Students can receive 5 Rapid Antigen Tests for self-testing per month in a pharmacy. In the pharmacy they should show their health insurance card and certificate of enrolment. Foreign students, without a health insurance card, show their certificate of enrolment and a personal document (passport, ID or temporary residence permit).