Career center

Career center of the University of Primorska

Career center UP activities are:

integrated program of personal career guidance,

lifelong learning programs (workshops, courses, seminars…),

developmental and research activities in the field of lifelong learning and career orientation,

Alumni UP: enhancing the role of graduates as the ambassadors of the university,

to place career orientation content in the ECTS system,

custody of Scholarship fund of the University of Primorska,

marketing, informational and promotional activities.

Activities of the career center are intended to: high school students, with a purpose of informing them about all the possibilities of further studies on the university (importance of early career planning and connecting between high schools and tertiary education), students and graduates through providing support at shaping their career path, which is oriented in expanding their competences. It is harmonized with preferences of individual student and labor market needs (students are informed with possibilities of lifelong learning within UP in order to acquire additional knowledge and skills which are systematically recorded in student’s competence portfolio), employees of UP and broader social environment through identification of the most adequate students and graduates in accordance with employer’s needs, lifelong learning program offer and other forms of collaboration.


Career Center of the University of Primorska Center for Lifelong Learning and Career Orientation

Titov trg 4, 6000 Koper, Slovenia

 +386 5 611 76 33
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