Visas & permit

There are things you just can’t avoid when you are moving to a new country.

Just remember: patience and preparedness will get you a long way! And generally, do not try to tackle Slovenian administration on your own. Visit with a tutor or a buddy.

The processes you need to go through depend on your personal circumstances and expectations. Generally, your country of origin will determine the procedures to a great extent, but you will have to make some decisions. Below is an overview of processes needed to be undertaken:

All: once you are in Slovenia you will have to register your address, get a tax number and open a bank account

EU & EEA citizens: need to obtain residence registration certificate if you are staying here for more than three months

Swiss nationals: need to obtain residence permit if you are staying here for more than three months

Non-EU, EEA or Swiss citizens: need to obtain a long-term visa (type D) or a temporary residence permit

Specific processes are described below, just jump to the relevant section.