Learn Slovene

The University of Primorska is offering free courses of Slovene language to its students and staff from level A1 (absolute beginner) to B1 (intermediate). All language courses are implemented by the University of Primorska Faculty of Humanities at their premises.

Who is it for and how does it work

All students enrolled in Slovene study programmes and all scholarship holders have to pass A2 Slovene proficiency exam before their enrollment into the 2nd year.

All others are strongly encouraged to learn the language of the environment they live in.

You are divided into smaller groups with students who have a similar background and therefore similar starting point in the language. There are 6 groups:

Two groups of students from Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro – start with A2 class and continue to B1;

One group of students from other Slavic speaking countries – start with A1 advance class and continue to A2;

One group of students from non-Slavic speaking countries – start with A1 absolute beginner class and continue to A2;

One group of mobile students – have an A1 absolute beginner class with emphasis on culture and life in Slovenia;

One group of staff – level depends on the group needs.

UP  takes necessary measures to enable your participation in language courses and we try to reserve your time for language learning free in the schedules.

Mobile students

A special language learning group is prepared for mobile students. You will learn the basics of Slovene language with more emphasis on the general Slovene life and culture.  

Schedule 2023/2024

The subject “Slovenian language as a foreign”, level A1, A2 and B1 has the duration of 60 contact hours, evaluated 6 ECTS, is carried out at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Primorska and it is free of charge for all the foreign students of University of Primorska.

More information about the schedule in Academic year on this link.

30rd summer courses of the Slovene language

10 – 21 July, 2023

The 30th Summer School of the Slovene language in the Slovenian Istria “Hello, here is the Slovene Mediterranean!” (Halo, tukaj slovenski Mediteran) will take place in Koper between 10 and 21 July 2023. It is organized by the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Primorska in cooperation with the Science and Research Centre of Koper and with the financial support of the Government’s Office for Slovene Abroad.

This year, the organizers will once again give several scholarships for participation in the Summer Slovene Language Courses on the Slovenian Coast, which are provided by the Office of the Republic of Slovenia for Slovenes Abroad.



REGISTRATION FEE (50 €): 15. 6. 2023

CONTACT AND APPLICATIONS: halo.tecaji@fhs.upr.si

Preparatory summer courses 2024

Programme of the Preparatory summer courses 2024 is published here.