Before you leave

Departure paperwork

Mobile Students

Before you leave, you should visit the International Office at your host faculty. We will have a chat about your experience, and you will also be able to collect:

  • Confirmation of your stay (bring your university’s forms if they provided them)
  • Transcript of Records (usually it will be sent to you by mail, as not all the marks are entered in the system at the time of your departure)
  • Any other confirmation required by your university.


Degree-seeking students

Congratulations! You did it!

As soon as your defense is successfully finished, you can visit Student Services to collect the confirmation of the successful completion of your Study programme.

Don’t forget to join the Alumni to stay in touch with UP (forever).

We organize the awarding of diplomas ceremony once a year in late Spring, where you will receive your official diploma.

The temporary residence permit extension after graduating:

Residence of a foreigner who has completed his or her studies in the Republic of Slovenia and wants to reside in Slovenia to seek employment or self–employment:

If you are a foreigner and have completed your studies at a higher vocational college or higher education institution in the last two years and have obtained at least an associate degree or bachelor’s degree in the Republic of Slovenia, and if you seek employment or self-employment in Slovenia, have a valid residence permit and meet all necessary requirements, you are entitled to obtain a single permit for the time period while you are looking for a job or self-employment opportunities. An application to obtain a single permit for the purpose of seeking employment or self-employment shall be submitted in due time, namely before the expiry of your residence permit.

Upon submitting your application, a certificate of your application shall be issued by the competent authority in the Republic of Slovenia, which shall serve as a temporary residence permit until a final decision on your application is taken.

A single residence permit for the purpose of seeking employment or self-employment shall be issued for a period of nine months.