Tutors and buddies

Are you a freshman and feel lost? No worries, tutors are here to guide you

UP tutors provide comprehensive support to students during their studies, from their very first day of class until graduation. Tutors will not only help you integrate into the study environment and student life but will also motivate you and encourage you to reach your fullest potential. UP tutors are passionate and highly motivated and will help you create an atmosphere of collaboration and support with your professors to increase your academic and personal success.

Student tutors mainly offer support in studies and extracurricular activities. We inform tutees about their rights and duties during the study and present them with all services at the faculty and UP, which are responsible for resolving various dilemmas and issues. We also organize introduction and social meetings, we help foreign students solve administrative problems, and we pay special attention to students with the status of students with special needs.

The coordinator of student tutors at the UP level is Alja Polanec.

Teacher tutors advise mainly individually. We help students with their studies with the aim of improving their academic achievements in individual fields of study, advise on the choice of elective courses and answer questions about progression to a higher year, completion of studies, and the choice of mentor in the final work. In particular, teacher tutors are available to students with the status of a student with special needs and together we create an individualized study plan.

The coordinator of teacher tutors at the University is Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sonja Čotar Konrad