Study offer for exchange

Introduction & How to choose

Mobile students can choose among all subjects offered in English.

Additionally, some professors offer the possibility for exchange students to attend their classes even when they are organized in Slovene. In this case, you will be expected to do more individual work, while professors will offer you consultations, where you will be able to discuss your progress.

In all subjects offered to mobile students, exams are held in English.

You can choose subjects from different departments of your faculty and faculties within the University of Primorska, though we recommend you pay attention to the recognition process at your institution. At the least, you should observe the level of studies when selecting the subject, and give special emphasis to thematic overlap.


Course catalog

The University of Primorska offers more than 250 courses in English language for mobile students at all 6 faculties:

  • Faculty of Humanities (UP FHŠ)
  • Faculty of Management (UP FM)
  • Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies (UP FAMNIT)
  • Faculty of Tourism Studies Portorož – Turistica (UP FTŠ Turistica)
  • Faculty of Health Sciences (UP FVZ)
  • Faculty of Education (UP PEF)

Regardless of your home faculty, you can choose subjects from all faculties and create your study profile at UP.



International module in the field of health prevention

The international module welcomes students from dietetics, nursing, physiotherapy, kinesiology, physical education and other related discipline. Our new module, consisting of 9 subjects that together comprise 30 ECTS, offers a unique opportunity to combine knowledge about preventive healthcare from different fields. After completing this module, students will be able to use a holistic, interdisciplinary approach to guide their clients or patients to make the healthiest choices and help them improve and maintain their health.

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