Student work

General about Student Work

Students enrolled in Slovene universities can work through an instrument called “Student Work.” This allows temporary and part-time work for college and university students. You can work via a special type of contract called referral forms/referrals, which can be obtained from employment agencies specialized for student work, called Student Services (SS). SS agencies offer a lists of available student jobs and will take care of payments.

Both, degree-seeking and exchange students can work via the Student Service agency.

Minimum gross hourly wage for students is EUR 6,92 (net hourly rate 5,85€).

Enrolment into the Student Service

The easiest is, if you just visit one of the Student Services. You should bring with you:

  1. Identification Document (ID)
  2. Unique citizen identification number (EMŠO)
  3. Slovenian bank account
  4. Slovenian tax number
  5. Certificate of enrolment
  6. Proof of tax residency (optional) 

Students Services in Primorska:

In coastal towns, you can find the following Student Services:


e-Študentski servis:


Taxation depends on your residency status.

If you remain a tax resident of another country, you will be deducted 22.5 % of the advance payment of income tax from each payment and 15.5 % of the pension and disability insurance contribution. So, if the company pays you EUR 4.89/h gross, you get EUR 3.22/h net to your bank account.

Non-residents of Slovenia are obliged to pay income tax for income that has a source in Slovenia. In case that the Republic of Slovenia has signed an agreement on the avoidance of double taxation with your country, you can get the advance payment reimbursedFor exact information on which countries allow the reimbursement of the advance, contact any tax office.

You can claim reimbursement by filing KIDO 12 form with the tax authority. You can file KIDO 12, when you receive a payment to your bank account, once a month, every six months or within 5 years. For each payment, your KIDO 12 form must be submitted.

You take the KIDO 12 to the Financial Office of the Republic of Slovenia (FURS), which, after processing the application, refunds the advance on the income tax (up to the amount of special personal relief valid for that year EUR 3.302,70).

You can submit the KIDO 12 form 5 years after the payment.

If FURS authorizes the refund, they will transfer your advance payment to your bank account. You will receive the reimbursed advance payment to your account in 1 month.

For more information, read the FURS website, where you can also find all the necessary forms.