Subsidised food



All students can benefit from government food subsidies. You eat meals at the restaurants participating in the programme. 

Each month you are granted the same number of subsidies, as there are working days in that particular month (around 20). You can use them between 8 am and 9 pm and you can use up to 2 subsidies a day, however, at least 4 hours have to pass between the two meals. 

No subsidies are offered between 15 July and 15 August. 

To use the benefits, you should register with the system. When paying for your meal, you can claim your subsidy. You can use your phone (making a telephone call), developed app, or a card. 



Prospective students who are enrolling in the Subsidized Student Meals system for the first time, can check the application procedure at and have to visit  the Student Organisation of the University of Primorska (SOUP) to finish the registration process. Bring with you: 

  • enrollment certificate; 
  • ID

SOUP is at the Student Center of the University of Primorska: 

NEW!! Early enrollment for who are already enrolled in the Subsidized Student Meals system:

Students who are already enrolled in the Subsidized Student Meals system can enter in their personal profile with their username and password already in September. Just mark that you want to use the right to student meals for the academic year 2022/2023 and avoid queue at SOUP. You can do this step after receiving the enrollment paper for the new academic year. This means that a visit to SOUP is no longer necessary for you.

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